Taxi Cee nº1 - Sebas
Sebastián Arias Vázquez, tu taxista en Cee

Sebastián Arias Vázquez, your taxi driver in Cee

Confidence, punctuality and seriousness in the displacemets.

Taxi Cee Nº1 - Sebas

Sebastián Arias Vázquez, with a number 1 Cee taxi license, offers his services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We offer seriousness, punctuality, professionalism and kindness to our clients.

Taxi Cee nº1 - Sebas

Why trust these services?

Budget without commitment

Available all year round

Short and long distance trips

Wi-Fi connection

Fully equipped vehicle

Fully equipped vehicle

The cab driver Sebastián Arias Vázquez has an spacious and accesible vehicle for all types of users. In addition, we have all kinds of accesories such a bike rack for up to four bikes.

You can count on with our TAXI Nº1-Sebas to enjoy bicycle trips with friends or to take you to your trusted mechanical workshop ,in case of a breakdown or failure in your vehicle.

Large capacity trailers and child booster seats

Sebastian Arias Vázquez also has large - capacity trailers for moving suitcases or large packages. With this Taxi Cee nº1 - Sebas you can make any type of displacement with plein confidence.

It has an approved yeast chair for the little ones!

If you have a long or short- range trip scheduled, and you need a reliable taxi driver in Cee, DO NOT HESITATE, and contact to Taxi Cee Nº 1 - Sebas. If you want to know the amount in advance, it will provide you with a budget, without any commitment.


 Large capacity trailer and child seats

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